The History of 3M, and 3M Products


The business sector has evolved from form Bata trade that was conducted long years long decades ago, so now the business is a global and very diversified. Today the business sector is very competitive; you must have unique products to stand the mark storms and waves. Many businesses do start but they do not stay long without falling. Well, failure should not discourage potential investors. Failure is the best lesson, learn from it, shake your dust and soldier on. You need Persistence and resilient to survive in today’s market.  The marketing department is one of the best parts of the business to publish the business and its products to be known. The acceptability of the business and its products depends largely on how they are showcased to the new clients. If marketing strategies fail, then get prepared for your business to crumble away into the pit. Financing also is very important, you need adequate financing to operate your business successfully. You can get financing from the banks or you can team up together and pool your portfolios together to run a business. The  History and success of the 3Ms multinational conglomerate corporation is an inspiration and lesson to starting business investors. The 3M company stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It is an American founded multi-billion global company. 3M  company did not start easily too, it faced ups and downs during the inception, check it out!

The 3M was founded by five prospective businessmen in 1902. It started as a mining entity but it failed terribly because the kind of minerals they decided to specialize on did not have commercial value. The founder went to the drawing board and solicited sum funds from the stock exchange and started doing research and producing sandpapers products. In 1916 after a long struggle 3m became financially stable and became able to pay dividends. In 1962, 3M moved to its current headquarters at 3M center in Maplewood, Minnesota. In 1970’s the introduced a 3M digital Audio Mastering System. The company went on with innovations and today 3m is one of the biggest companies on the globe. 3M has over 132 plants over the globe and the spread is going on. This is one of the examples that should encourage prospective investors not to give up. 3M has invested intensively on research after failing when they were entering the market. To know more about this company checks out more details on its website. Click on its website and find all about 3M and the products they are distributing on the market today.


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